A World Wide Rave: What the heck is that?

  • A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about you, your company, and your products. Whether you’re located in San Francisco, Dubai, or Reykjavík, it’s when global communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. It’s when online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. And it’s when tons of fans visit your Web site and your blog because they genuinely want to be there.


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October 01, 2008


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Krishna De

David - I can't wait to read the book and the fantastic case studies and of course your terrific guidance in the book.

I love the video's as part of the back story and look forward to hear of the progress in the forthcoming months ahead.

And yes if there is a poster or two I would love to have a copy to post here in Ireland - perhaps you could run a competition for a copy of the book on the most unusual place your poster is seen? I'll send you my postal address.

By the way I don't see an email subscription or tell a friend on the site - you might want to consider adding these so that we can share your great news with others and make sure we don't miss an episode - as you know many people still don't understand RSS.


Can't wait to read your book, David. I was a big fan of your last one.

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